The Hottest Trend That Put Social Media Numbers to Shame

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How it began

On 6th July 2016, the world roared with a single chant. Their chants were not directed towards any social media giant’s promotion or a political hashtag. Instead, the world was taken over by the craze of Pokémon Go. This phenomenal game recorded over 15 million downloads in a single week on Android and iOS. It recorded near $14 million worth of in-app sales in its first week, putting its daily revenue at an astounding $2 million per day. For a whole month, Pokemon Go daily users continued to increase with remarkable speed.

Was it a fluke?

A few critics predicted that Pokémon Go was riding on its few moments of success and even though its opening statistics were off the charts, it would not amount to much when the dust settles. However, they were completely wrong. Pokémon Go daily users never stopped increasing, even though the game was not officially released all around the world but only in a select few countries. This move was made as a safe boot for the game i.e. to check whether or not the user response towards the game was positive. With the initial feedback recorded, the game is now set to launch in multiple countries, which is sure to break even more records as Pokémon Go daily usage will outshine any other trend.

This certainly does not mean that Pokémon Go is behind in beating any social media service. Since its inception, it has continuously beaten Facebook and Twitter in the run of active daily users. With the 2nd phase of its launch, Pokémon Go daily active users will finally beat the score of Facebook and Twitter combined.

Bottom line

Pokémon Go is the big thing right now. If there were any naysayers before, surely they have been silenced seeing the cult that this game has quickly developed. Head over to Pokemon Go Daily if you want to read more interesting news about the game.

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